Prisoner Of Speech - Poem For Raif by Colin Davies

Prisoner Of Speech - Poem For Raif by Colin Davies

We asked UK-based author and performance poet Colin Davies to 'come up with something' for Raif Badawi's campaign - and he has not disappointed. Read it here first - 'Prisoner Of Speech'.

Prisoner of Speech

by Colin Davies

For a few opinionated button presses
They came knocking
For your unguarded questioning
They came running
For your ideas of how we could all live
In a much more peaceful place
By having more respect for
Each others' faiths

For your flippant disregard for them claiming
exclusive monopoly of the truth*
For the sheer notion that they might be wrong
Because you look for proof
For the wanting of a better world
With a freedom for all to choose
Allowing people to believe what they want
Without the fear of the noose

It has already been too many years
Punished for your thoughts
Banished from questioning those that rule
By the absurdity of the courts
Scars to carry on your back
Because for love you chose to preach
A child forced to grow fatherless
While you remain a Prisoner of speech

...deserve nothing less
than the world’s contempt.

*”exclusive monopoly of the truth” is a direct quote from Raif Badawi, May 2012. Written shortly before his arrest.



twoc logoColin Davies - @thetweetofcolin - is a successful and highly respected author, poet and playwright. He was born in Brighton in 1970 and moved to Blackpool in 1988 where he lives with his partner and son. He writes in many different genres and styles, however he maintains that his heart can always be found in his children's stories and poetry.
Colin sits on the committee of the Lancashire Dead Good Poets' Society. He writes regular blog posts for the award-winning website and and he has been instrumental in helping local poets into positions as writers in residence.

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