Raif Badawi: Saudi Arabia's Supreme Court reviewing case of jailed blogger

Raif Badawi: Saudi Arabia's Supreme Court reviewing case of jailed blogger

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court is again reviewing the case of jailed blogger Raif Badawi, raising the possibility that his draconian sentence may be reduced, his family has told The Independent.

Mr Badawi’s wife Ensaf Haidar said she had been informed of the development by a senior source in the Saudi Ministry of Justice. The blogger’s family said they were hopeful that the move by the kingdom’s highest court is a “good signal” that his sentence is under reconsideration.

Ms Haidar added that the news was “clouded with secrecy and ambiguity” and that she was still extremely worried for her husband’s welfare. “I do hope that it will be a beginning to correct the course of Raif’s case – I repeat, I am hoping,” she said.

“I cannot say that this is good news, just that I hope it is a good sign. I expect that the flogging could still happen at any time, especially as the court could confirm the verdict then return for more deliberation, and all of this is done in complete secrecy. We do not know even on what basis the court is making its decisions.”

Mr Badawi was arrested in June 2012 after criticising the kingdom’s clerics through his Saudi Arabian Liberals website and was later sentenced to a decade in prison and 1,000 lashes. His treatment has been repeatedly condemned by governments around the world.

Karen Middleton, Amnesty International UK’s individuals at risk manager, said: “We were extremely surprised that a Foreign Office minister casually mentioned last month that Raif’s case was still being considered by the Supreme Court. The last confirmed fact from the Saudi legal process was the completely awful news in June that the Supreme Court had upheld the ten-year jail term and 1,000 lashes sentence.  

“We’re now hearing rumours that there may be a further review of some kind under way. We can’t confirm this and need to be cautious, but if indeed Raif’s case is still before the courts then this does at least provide a chink of light. It’s a complete disgrace that Raif is still languishing in a Jeddah jail, and we want to see the Saudi authorities moving quickly to quash his sentence and release him.”

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