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Playing For Change in Support of Raif Badawi

Playing For Change in Support of Raif Badawi

'Playing For Change' is an incredible wordwide movement dedicated to uniting the world through music. We asked the movement to dedicate one of their very special recordings to Raif Badawi... "It's truly awful what happened with Raif, and we appreciate you wanting to show him support through our music. We think our video of "Words of Wonder/Get Up Stand Up" would be most appropriate and would be a great message without needing additional words."

 We hope you continue watching our videos and following our work and the work of our non-profit partner, the Playing For Change Foundation. If you are interested in becoming further involved, consider participating in this year's Playing For Change Day, on September 19th! Also, keep an eye out for the PFC Band coming live, and check out our brand new album, PFC3 Songs Around The World, featuring 185 musicians from 31 countries!

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